The original adrenaline bomb, rafting in the great rapids. – Ruka Pro Guides, Ruka-Kuusamo, Finland

Do you want to test your limits and make your pulse rise as high as the foaming rapids? Join us in rafting all the way from Juuma to the Russian borders.

It is guaranteed that you will not grow bored during this trip, thanks to the numerous demanding rapids that will keep you busy and are sure to make you wet.

The route follows a well-known hiking route called Karhunkierros. You will get to know the rapids, such as Myllykoski, Aallokkokoski, Jyrävä and numerous others. Three of the former rapids are graded difficult, and the magnificent Jyrävä is only viewed at a distance, as it has been classified as life-threatening. Story has it that someone had actually managed to raft it, but see the rapid for yourself, and you can decide whether to believe that or not.And that is not all. After 6 hours of rafting, you probably feel like having some hot coffee and food over a nice fire. Your guide also surely has some stories worth sharing.The last part of the trip is made in the beautiful Oulanka national park, where you can run into fishermen, hikers and even numerous different wild animals.The adventure ends at the borders of Russia, where transportation awaits you for the trip back.Price: 85€Minimum number of participants: 4Age limit: 18Duration: About 6 hours

Difficulty: Demanding

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