Instructions – Ruka Pro Guides, Ruka-Kuusamo, Finland

Safarihouse:Rukanriutta 1

93830 Rukatunturi 

The programs can be reserved either by telephone or e-mail. The reservations must be made two days before the program starts, at the latest.

The programs include
Lunch over an open fire, guide services, liability insurance, equipment, and the transportation from Ruka. The programs starts with gearing up at Ruka.

Rafting and canooing
We equip you with a rain coat, rain pants, a pair of wellies, wool socks (not obligatory), a life vest, a helmet for rafting.

You can take part in the fishing programs with your own equipment, but you can also get the necessary gear from us.  The equipment includes fishing gear, wellies and rainwear, when necessary.

One should dress according to the weather, regardless of the program one is taking part in. It is also recommended that the participants take additional warm clothing with them.

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