Guide Services – Ruka Pro Guides, Ruka-Kuusamo, Finland

Make your experience in nature even more delightful and take a professional guide with you on your trip.

All of our guides are experienced in the ways of nature, and they will teach you some very useful skills, ranging from making a fire and making campfire coffee to cooking over an open fire. The history and the stories of the area have passed down from generation to generation, and they have probably changed along the way, so it is up to the listener to decide if they believe them or not.

Price: 35 € / h (+VAT 24 %), minimum 4 hours, max 10 participants.

The price includes the guide service, for an added price we also provide meals for the trip and transportation. The guides have passed the EA2 –first aid course.

An example of the guide services:

A breathtaking spectacle of nature, hiking from Ristikallio to Kiutoköngäs

This is a new way of experiencing the tour around Karhunkierros, during which you are guaranteed not to run into a rush. During the trip you will run into three suspension bridges, rare plants that you will not see anywhere else (for example different kinds of orchids, calypso and tikankotti). The group will have lunch over an open fire at the waterfalls of Taivalkölkää. The length of the day’s hike is about 20 kilometres.

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