A snowmobile safari to Huotinniemi, close to the Russian border – Ruka Pro Guides, Ruka-Kuusamo, Finland

A private snowmobile route goes through actual wilderness, away from the bustling cities and people, even testing your skills as a driver in the deep snow.

During the trip it is possible to see moose spending their winter, see the tracks of greater beasts, and during the night trip you can even catch a glimpse of the auroras.

You will have your meals either over an open fire or at Huotinniemi wilderness camp, both of which are unforgettable experiences.

Minimum number of participants 4 (one for each snowmobile)

Difficulty: medium

You can make the trip even more exotic and spend the night in the peace of a hut in the wilderness, with no electricity or ringing phones. A smoke sauna, a three course dinner and avecs add their flavor to this fantastic night.

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